Sabato 25 Gennaio 2025 – ROBERTO BOLLE and FRIENDS – Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milano

An unmissable opportunity at TAM to see Étoile Roberto Bolle on the same stage with international dance stars.


Roberto Bolle and Friends represents a real journey through the beauty and magic of this art form. Roberto Bolle, the absolute star of dance, is not only a performer but also Artistic Director of these galas.

Alongside him, the world’s most important dancers create an astonishing program, able to fascinate an increasingly vast and heterogeneous number of spectators.

His Galas have become an extraordinary instrument for spreading dance and its excellence to a transversal audience of thousands of enthusiasts and not only: Roberto Bolle constantly breaks the taboos that force ballet into a niche art by bringing great classics and new and innovative choreographies on the same stage, choosing to perform with the best of world dance. This is a rare and highly prestigious cultural opportunity, an unmissable journey through different styles and schools that always arouse new emotions: fun and drama, irony and elegance, innovation and tradition mingle on the same stage.



Cost (members ACE): all seats in PLATEA ALTA
  • full: 95 €
  • reduced (over65/under14): 85 €
(including transport to and from Milan, departure JRC Ispra hrs. 18:00)



Book as long as tickets are available


Please note: To participate in this event, ACE membership for the year 2025 is required. Registration for 2025 membership is possible from 1 December 2024.


Saturday 25 Jan 2025



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