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Below you can find a table of several pages showing the list of books in Danish (791 books in May 2021) owned by the ACE library.
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wdt_ID Id Author Title Category Place Purchasing year
1 122 Rey Margaret Peter Pedal sætter drage op Bambini Biblioteca 2017
2 114 Pittau Francisco I min bornehave Bambini Biblioteca 2017
3 113 Scarry Richard Min forste ordbog Bambini Biblioteca 2017
4 89 Egner Thorbjorn Karus og Baktus Bambini Biblioteca 2017
5 28 Root Betty Min forste ordbog Bambini Biblioteca 2017
6 804 Garland Alex Stranden Romanzi - Novelle Archivio 2017
7 803 Smith Wilbur Forræderi på hojt plan Romanzi - Novelle Archivio 2017
8 802 Clancy Tom DØDENS KARTELLER Gialli - Spionaggio - Thriller Archivio 2017
9 801 Grisham John Firmaets mand Gialli - Spionaggio - Thriller Archivio 2017
10 800 Kjaerstad Jan Opdageren Romanzi - Novelle Archivio 2017