Associazione Culturale Europea - Membership 2023

Start of the membership campaign: The membership campaign 2023 will open on 1st December 2022.

Duration of the membership: One year, from 01/01/2023 until 31/12/2023.

Membership fee: the individual membership fee for the year 2023 is fixed at 30 (thirty) Euro.

Membership formalities: membership formalities will normally take place on-line. In case it should not be possible, then paper-forms will be made available at the Bibliotheque (JRC entrance, Bd. 1), starting on 02/01/2023. Archive will be digital.

Members: Members shall be older than 18 years (i.e. adults) and could be internal or external, according to the COPAS rules [1] and the scope and purposes foreseen in the Statute of ACE [2]. Specifically,

o Members described as Internal under the rules of COPAS: Staff (any type of contract) and pensioners of the European Commission services and immediate family members of the above (recognised partners; children).

o Members described as External can be accepted up to a maximum number of 30% of the total number of members.


[1] COPAS Rules for the Recognition and Operation of Clubs and other Groups of Staff at the JRC Ispra, Decision on 04/01/2022, amended on 26.01.2022

[2] Statuto dell’Associazione Culturale Europea (ACE), Document_2022-11-29_105207

Access to facilities, materials and events: Members can access facilities, materials, activities and events hold/organized by ACE, following the specific instructions and procedures as specified under each Sector’s activities.
Here below, only some general examples are given:

o Access to the library and disc collections is allowed also to members and their immediate family, which can borrow materials.

o Events locally organized by sectors other than “Events for Members” are normally freely open to the public at large, without payment.

o Access to paid-events organised by the “Events for Members“ Sector is normally reserved to Members of the association. However,

a. Members’ children less than 18 years old (minors) can access those events, without paying any fee supplement. They are considered “guests” and must be accompanied by one member of ACE, which must be either a parent or a person acting on behalf of the parents. In this last case, the parents must provide evidence to ACE of their delegation to the person acting on their behalf and shouldering the full related responsibility, without any responsibility attributed to ACE (delegation form is available: Delit.ver.10/12/2022 or Deluk.ver.10/12/2022).

b. Exceptionally, members can invite guests (non-members) to individual Events for Members. Guests (adults) will pay a fee supplement of 20 (twenty) Euro for each single event. The inviting members are requested to pay the related fees for their guests. Guests will be accepted according to the availability of seats and following the inscription order.

o Members, which will join ACE for the first time in December 2022, could attend paid events taking place in December 2022, without paying any fee supplement.

Collaboration with the Committees set up to celebrate the EU Presidency Semesters:

ACE is called to collaborate with the Committees taking care of organising events to celebrate the respective E.U. Semester Presidency. These events are open to everybody. Furthermore, in this case, the workload is shared between the current Committee responsible for the Semester Presidency and ACE. Taking into account that the workload for ACE is only partial, the calculation of the fee supplement for non-members joining one of these events is done proportionally to that partial workload